Start up Grants

Start-up grants can help fund entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business or newly formed businesses that need additional capital beyond the initial money they have put into the business themselves. More often than not this non-repayable money comes from a Government source or other business support organisations and can help a business expand … Read more

Online Tools to help you get the most out of Business Grants

There are plenty of free online tools and resources on Xsortal’s grant platform to help you quickly get to grips with grants. Here we take you through each tool so you can easily maximise the benefits of grants for your business. Grants Matcher: Find Grants for your business Xsortal’s Grants Matcher contains a comprehensive database … Read more

100% funded innovation grants – the start of something new?

Following several pilot schemes over the past few years Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency has launched a public-private partnership funding programme. Here we look at what they are and what they mean for business innovation funding going forward. What are public-private funding schemes? Public-private funding schemes, as the name suggests, combine public grant funding … Read more

Business Grant Application Checklist

Business Grant Application Checklist

So what are grant providers looking for when they pick up your application? Well, firstly they will check to see if you meet their eligibility criteria, next they want to check the viability of your business and then whether your project aligns with the objectives they want to achieve with the grant scheme. Simply follow … Read more

Six Steps to Successfully Apply for a Grant

Many businesses face grant application barriers which stop them from getting the funding to grow their business. Follow these six easy steps to make sure your business benefits from grant funding. Step 1: Finding a Grant Many business owners struggle to find the right grant because they don’t know where to look. You can quickly … Read more