Online Tools to help you get the most out of Business Grants – August 2021 Update

There are plenty of free online tools and resources on Xsortal’s grant platform to help you quickly get to grips with grants. Here we take you through each tool so you can easily maximise the benefits of grants for your business.

Grants Matcher: Find Grants for your business

Xsortal’s Grants Matcher contains a comprehensive database of thousands of UK business grants all in one place so you don’t have to spend the time searching for new grant schemes. You can quickly filter thousands of grants and funding schemes to find the right funding to match your business needs.

Go to the Grants Matcher

Grant Checker: Check you have the right Grant for your business needs

Receiving a grant recommendation is always welcome but how you do you know if there are other, better suited grant schemes for your business? The Grant Checker enables you to cross reference a grant to show you similar grants that fit the same business profile.

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Grant Guide: Find out how to grow your business with Grants

If you’re new to grants and want to get to grips with what business grants are and how they can help your business grow then the Xsortal’s Grant Guide is for you.

Go to the Grant Guide

Grant FAQs: Learn more about the Grant application process

If you’re new to grants you need a shortcut to learn enough about grants to increase your chances of applying successfully and to understand how you can fully leverage them to grow your business. The Xsortal FAQs tell you what you need to know about UK business grants to get you started.

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Grants Blog: Learn more about Grants

If you’re looking for a more in depth understanding of UK business grants then Xsortal’s blogs about grants are a good place to start. Brief and to the point the blogs are packed with the information you need to help you understand how grants fit as part of your strategy to grow your business.

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Daily Briefing: Keep up to date with new Grants

Attempting to keep on top of new grant opportunities yourself takes a lot of time and effort that should probably be spent elsewhere in your business. The Xsortal’s daily briefing takes care of that for you and brings you grant opportunities every day directly to your inbox.

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Grant Application Support: Get help with your Grant application

Getting your application in as soon as you can increases your chances of getting the grant so you can either spend the time finding out how to do it yourself or get help. Xsortal and its partners can help you with your application and prepare the financial information needed to support your application, leaving you to focus on your business.

Find out more about Xsortal’s Grant Application Support service

Free Funding Review: Get help with your remaining project costs

There are very few grants for business that will fund 100% of your project costs so in most cases you are left with finding the remaining project costs yourself. Xsortal can assist you in finding the remaining funding for your project with its network of funding specialists.

Find out more about Xsortal’s Matched Funding service

Added Value Review: Get more out of Grants for your business

Using grants to fund a business growth project should not be a one-off but a conscious effort to integrate them into your business model to fund future growth plans. Xsortal can help you make grants a part of your growth strategy so you can fully leverage them to expand your business.

Find out more about Xsortal’s Add Value review

Innovation Research Report: Find out who received funding for projects

The UK government’s industrial strategy focuses strongly on innovation and its innovation agency, Innovate UK, has been at the forefront of providing grant funding to businesses. But what type of businesses are getting innovation funding and what type of innovation is being funded? Xsortal’s Innovation Research Report provides you with these insights so you can better prepare your innovation project to increase your chances of getting funding.

Download the latest Xsortal Innovation Research Report

Grant Report: Build custom reports to find grants you need to grow your business

If you need to match your business funding needs in real time you can use Xsortal’s Grant Report Builder to access over 2,000 UK business grants and funding schemes. The report is fully customised to your business size, sector, growth stage and region and will list in real time which grants and funding schemes your business can apply for to receive funding for the purpose types your business requires to grow and expand.

Find out more about the Xsortal Grant Report

Grant as a Service: Add a grants matcher into your business website

If you are an accountant or other business professional and you are looking for a way to add value on your website for existing clients and to attract new prospects you can use Xsortal’s Grant as a Service plug-in to allow businesses to look up grants that they are able to apply for direct from your service provision. By keeping your clients in the loop on the latest grant opportunities for their businesses you can generate additional revenue for your own operations through continuously dynamic and updated content.

Find out more about the Xsortal Grants as a Service plug-in

Grants API: Add corporate grants access for your business

If you want corporate access for all of your business operations to the grants matcher this can be done so via the Xsortal Grants API. This dedicated access to the grants database enables you to build a customised grants solution that exactly fits your business needs.

Find out more about the Xsortal Grants API

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