Six Steps to Successfully Apply for a Grant

Many businesses face grant application barriers which stop them from getting the funding to grow their business. Follow these six easy steps to make sure your business benefits from grant funding.

Step 1: Finding a Grant

Many business owners struggle to find the right grant because they don’t know where to look.

You can quickly filter Xsortal’s database of 3,000 UK business grants to match your specific needs.

Step 2: Checking a Recommended Grant

Sometimes the grant recommendation you get from others isn’t the best fit for your business.

You can quickly find similar grants to your recommendation using Xsortal’s grant title checking tool.

Step 3: Checking your Grant Eligibility

You always need to align your grant choice with the eligibility criteria for different scheme providers.

For any scheme you want to review Xsortal summarises all the key eligibility criteria for you in one place.

Step 4: Following Grant Scheme Application Guidelines

To have your application accepted you need to follow the grant scheme application guidelines.

You can quickly get to the application guidelines from Xsortal’s scheme provider profile.

Step 5: Following Best Practice

To successfully release funding you need to follow best practice when applying for a grant.

Using Xsortal FAQs you can quickly get to grips with a successful grant application.

Step 6: Maximising Grant Benefits for your business

You can easily miss out on the full range of benefits grants bring to your business.

Xsortal’s end-to-end grant services enable you to maximise the full range of benefits for your business.

Visit Xsortal today and start getting Grant Funding to grow your Business

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