Online Tools to help you get the most out of Business Grants – August 2021 Update

There are plenty of free online tools and resources on Xsortal’s grant platform to help you quickly get to grips with grants. Here we take you through each tool so you can easily maximise the benefits of grants for your business. Grants Matcher: Find Grants for your business Xsortal’s Grants Matcher contains a comprehensive database … Read more

Overseas Market Development Grants

Export Overseas

What are they? Overseas market development grants can help fund businesses who want to start exporting to or trading in overseas markets, including market research activities, website localisation and funding to fulfil export orders. Or, for businesses that are ready to export, a capital injection can help businesses win larger export deals and carry out … Read more

Property Development Grants

Property Development

What are they? Property development grants can help businesses who want to carry out residential or commercial property development or renovation activities. There are also major government backed low interest rate loans available in this sector, such as the Home Building Fund. A property development funding injection can help businesses carry out their property development … Read more

Working Capital Grants

What are they? Working capital grants can help fund businesses who want to make sure that their operational cash flow is strong so that they may pursue new business opportunities, cover one off costs, pay for business expenses, fulfil an unusually large order or contract or gain access to finance to keep things going to … Read more

Energy Efficiency Grants

Energy efficiency

What are they? Energy efficiency grants can help fund businesses who want to purchase energy saving equipment or install efficiency measures within their commercial premises to reduce their overall impact on the environment and reduce running costs. A capital injection can help businesses carry out larger energy efficiency projects or access these resources faster than … Read more

Recruit and Develop Staff Grants

Recruit and develop staff grants can help fund businesses who need help with creating new jobs, taking on apprentices, business coaching and training and skills development. A capital injection can help businesses carry out recruitment activities sooner or carry out larger staff training and development activities than they would have relying on existing financial resources. … Read more